Semi Liner and parcelling services

Our Booking desk offer's unique shipping service capable of delivering various size industrial parcels accurately to both North America(including Great Lakes area) and Mediterranean coastal ports.

The services are performed by Spliethoff and affiliates with modern multipurpose tonnage specially designed for carriage of forest products. The traffic mode is based on long-term contracts with large shipping volumes and supplemented by flexible parcel service to all kind of industries.

Trading areas:

From Finland and Sweden to Baltimore and Jacksonville.  Direct weekly sailings with very competitive transit times. In addition we can offer regular sailings to destinations in the Great Lakes and in US Gulf, either directly or with transshipment in Antwerp subject to inducement.

From Finland and Sweden to full range of Mediterranean and Black Sea ports.

3-4 sailings per month

Other Baltic ports are served subject to inducement.

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Global parcelling services

For parcels with destinations not covered by our regular services,  our partners can offer the alternative of quick and effortless transshipment at Antwerp.
The  feeders meet ocean going vessels at the same terminal for transloading into ocean carrier.